Greek Lemon Potatoes Recipe (2024)

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Swiss Meringue

This recipe seemed familiar to me, like I had seen it before under a different name. Then I made it and realized, it was "Satan's Recipe for Burnt Potatoes and Ruined Sheet Pans." Proceed with caution. The high oven heat and long cooking time evaporates the liquid (for what it's worth, my sheet pan had no problem containing the potatoes and liquid, so don't worry about that - you have bigger problems here) and the sugars from the lemon juice scorch and burn. Use a lower temp, and watch closely.


This is a new favorite. I make it as written. Yes the stock is essential and yes you can substitute vegetable stock and make this vegan. Everyone I serve it to asks for the recipe. I just read all the “helpful” comments and am surprised to see so much concern over the mess. It is totally worth the five minutes it takes to scrub the pan. Just let it soak first. Besides, it’s a sheet pan, not a bed sheet. It’s supposed to look like it’s been used.


Frankly, this recipe works even better to simply toss the potatoes in the lemon juice and olive oil, add the seasonings, and roast on a baking sheet. Skip the stock altogether. The stock doesn't add all that much flavor anyway.


Love this recipe, but the potatoes are so much better when you let them marinate in the liquid for a few hours before baking. That way, the lemon flavor infuses completely through each piece, just like at good Greek restaurants.


You can use a casserole dish, but the potatoes may not get as browned. A half baking sheet can fit 1.5 cups of liquid; to make the sheet sturdier for moving to the oven, stack two baking sheets.


Toss everything in a large bowl then transfer to the sheet pan for less mess. Add a tablespoon of flour to the mix for crispier potatoes.


Better effect if potatoes par boiled in a stock / white wine / garlic mixture, drizzled in olive oil, allowed to cool then fast roasted at 220C until crisp. Chopped fresh Rosemary, Sage or Oregano added during roasting .


.5 olive oil.5 chicken stock.5 lemon juice1.5cups liquid That’s needs a roasting tin not a rimmed baking sheet.


Love the "Satan's Recipe." I laughed out loud!!! Seriously, the best suggestions are to toss the potatoes in the seasonings then bake.


I just made this in two Pyrex casserole dishes, and it came out beautifully.

Dan J

Add a slight sprinkling of corn starch to the potatoes once in the pan. Guaranteed crispness!


Amatuer question here- pouring a cup and a half of just free liquid into a rimmed baking sheets seems like a bold move, especially since my pan tends to warp past 425. Would it be ok to combine ingredients and toss in a large bowl instead? I'm assuming all that liquid is to keep everything moist during that long roast at high temp, but it sounds like a mess waiting to happen.

Dan G.

Just use a shallow roasting pan. Or get better baking sheet. Go to your favorite online store and look for "Aluminum Commercial Baker's Half Sheet". They are inexpensive, do not warp, and will likely outlive you (unless you are very very young!)


I lined my baking pan with foil, tossed the potatoes/liquid in a bowl, and then followed the recipe as written. I thought it was simple, lovely, and easy. Will make again.


I spent two years finding the perfect potato recipe.This. Is. It.


Add sliced spent lemons and roast too


the comments had me cackling, 5/5 stars. i tossed in a bowl for even coating, but the potatoes stick by the time i was flipping halfway through. the crispy bottoms were tearing off, it didn't bode well but it was too the end, mine are MUCH darker than the pics... and yet, still beautiful results. rendered crisp bite outer + pillows of potato fluff in the centers. will make again + try to alleviate the stick somehow. (either way, it's worth having to scrub satan's pan.)


i used parchment paper on my baking sheet - turned out great and no mess to clean up.


This is very similar to a recipe in a Moosewood cookbook, based on potatoes served at Zorba's, in Ithaca. I've been making it for over thirty years, baking it in a large Corningware casserole, and have gotten many compliments and requests for the recipe. A casserole works fine and you don't have to worry about spills.

RB’s notes

Not pleased with this recipe. The broth/lemon combo was wayyyy too liquid; I omitted it from the roasting part. And yes, I agree the burnage is a real thing with this recipe. I might make this again but I would divide the chicken broth by 4, and completely omit the lemon juice until after the potatoes are fully roasted. Then I’d squeeze lemon juice on the cooked potatoes at serving.


My new favorite - so easy! I lined the sheet pan with parchment and clean up was a breeze.


Has anyone tried putting a sheet of parchment on the sheet pan before adding the ingredients to simplify clean up? I am making this recipe tonight.


Update: I used a sheet of parchment paper on the sheet pan and it turned out great. This is our new go-to potato recipe - so easy.


Jake and I loved them, boys liked the consistency but not the lemon flavor. Excellent as leftovers too.


I made these exactly as written and they were delicious. It's not difficult to clean the pan afterward. Follow the recipe and enjoy!


Made by Chef Mary - Not sure it was made with enough lemon.


Mostly followed recipe, did it at 400 on a foil lined bottom of a broiler pan - still a big surface without crowding but higher sides. Used 4 medium Russets quartered. Sliced 3 cloves garlic and added, would next time add halfway through cooking when flipping. I marinated in a zip lock bar for 2 hours ahead because prep was so quick. Next time I'll slice into thick rounds for more continuous crust. The flavor is exceptional and the liquid ratios were spot on. Def will be a next time, delicious!


Love this recipe, first time my potatoes were a bit too burnt. I tried again and they worked perfectly - the oven only needs to be 200 degrees c and keep an eye on them once they get to 45mins. They are delicious. They go really well with the spicy honey chicken with broccoli recipe. Totally agree with other comments the sheet pan just needs an overnight soak after.


Super tasty! I made 1/2 the recipe and used red bliss potatoes.


Combatted the feared "messiness" of this dish by preparing in a large bowl and roasting in a cast iron skillet. The skillet cleaned up beautifully and the dish was a delight. I took others' advice and partially cooked the potatoes (microwave), letting them marinate for a bit before tossing everything into the preheated skillet. A little flour on top ensured a crispy finish. Am I allowed to say I subbed white wine for chicken stock and added onions? A scant pantry makes for creative solutions!

R DelRossi

Have made this dozens of times since this recipe was first published. It’s excellent. Ignore the nonsense about the mess and just use an enameled gratin dish, which will clean up easily after a soak. A glass baking dish is a good alternative, though the sloping sides of the gratin dish make cleanup even easier than scrubbing into corners.


Next time I will cut the potatoes in smaller pieces, maybe even slice them, to get more roasted surface.

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Greek Lemon Potatoes Recipe (2024)
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